Educating / Workshops / Mentoring

ART: A survival tool…a tool for ENGAGEMENT, RESEARCH, INSIGHT . . . GROWTH.

Public-art, Environmental & Activist collaborations often encompass rich educational components.   See Social Change , Wakefest and Wakefest TreeDressing

Many public art commissions include participation of people living/working near the art site.  See The Mechanics of Gauging a Trade, the Flower Petal Mandala Project .

Schools:  A range of residencies, workshops or Social Entrepreneurship projects, for schools & communities may be arranged through MASC. 

Curriculum LinksCritical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, research, math, social/moral studies, spatial analysis, public presentation, language arts, science, social change or activism.  Project design & materials-focus are flexible, developed with school staff.


Universities &  Symposiums: cj has been invited to discuss her work in the contexts of art, activism, civic change, law, women’s studies, social sciences & labor.

Mentoring: Contact cj to discuss a one-to-one arrangement.  Suitable for youth, adults, seniors.

Artist’s reflection on teaching.  Published in MASC 2011 Winter Newsletter.