Public Art Video Installation

Metabolics of Peace: A Video Triptych

The Metabolics of Peace: A Video Triptych

Greenboro Recreation Complex, Ottawa
Commission by the City Of Ottawa, 2011.  Shoalts and Zaback Architects

3 different continuous-play videos (5, 7, 11 minutes), on 3 plasma monitors and mounted with perforated steel frames.  These are and mounted in a  narrow 70′ hallway of minimalist concrete architecture, connecting two gymnasiums, a youth/seniors activity room, a dance studio, a weight room and change rooms.

“Metabolism” refers to chemical processes responsible for maintaining life.
Beyond physical survival, this art explores the energetic body and ideas about wellness and spirit.  Working with over a hundred people to capture the on-site activities, the artist portrayed many physiques, ages and activities through evolving images, at an ultra-slow pace.  Manipulating camera angle, speed and colour, she created familiar and abstract compositions, speaking to the beauty of the body-in-motion and post-work-out bliss.  The artwork is a meditation on achieving inner peace through exercise and dance.

c j fleury works with diverse media and is recognized for groundbreaking projects that bring the “public” into public art.