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Douglas Samuel


"Grammatical choices are potentially important social acts"
Susan Ehrlich, 2001

Form: Soundscape. A trio of layered voices on Feminism, Art and Law

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Artistís Statement

Not having experience with the lesser side of inequality, I can not pretend to know what it is like to feel equal but not be treated as such. I view Feminism as a rainbow of different ideas, viewpoints and concerns. I have chosen, therefore, to listen and reflect. Specifically, I have chosen to listen to some of the other artists at this exhibition.

Art, like life, is a work in progress. In my mind, no piece is ever really finished, it just reaches a point where it is ready for public consumption. The process of reflection follows similar lines; it rarely occurs in a linear fashion, and does not necessarily come to one conclusion, and may shift with time.

This is a work in progress: both the reflection and the art-work. It is a snapshot of thought fragments from different sources, changing even as they take shape.


About the Artist
Douglas's first sound piece was commercially developed as a radio program called "Hunting for Answers" for Outfront on CBC Radio (November, 1999). His work has evolved into a more art-based use of sound, resulting in the next piece for Outfront, "Full Moon Over Killaloe". His experiment with sound-rich story telling with minimal words, was played in a public performance at the SAW Club in June 2002. Douglas is a member of the Canadian Society for Independent Radio Production (CSIRP).

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