Public Art Little Italy

A suite of 15 granite, bronze & stainless steel sculptures.
Commission by the City Of Ottawa, 2012 for Preston Street, from Albert to Carling.

Postcards From the Piazzas

A suite of fifteen granite, bronze and stainless steel sculptures along Preston Street, Ottawa's Little Italy.

Fifteen human-sized sculptures express fragments of cultural history, geography and architecture, reflecting the eclecticism of today’s Italian-Canadians in Ottawa.   c j fleury collaborated with this community to gather the stories, traditions, proverbs and letter fragments she incorporated into the final artwork.  Grapevine motifs, patterns from ceramics and heirloom textiles, forms of food and tools, literary excerpts in 3 or 4 languages,  are just a few of the many elements to be discovered in the 2 kilometer walk along the revitalized street.

Brochures, in French and English, are available through the Preston Street BIA and at businesses along the street.

Walking Tour of Postcards from the Piazzas:
cj has given several 2 hour tours of the project, through educational and business organizations and as part of La Vendemmia, Preston Street’s Food and Wine Festival.

For Geocaching tour go to: