Le Recueillement

Slim lead-wrapped tree trunks, staged on a grammatical slate base,
lean into a staggered matrix of white wings.

Le Requiellement

Both lead and language have the ability to shield…and yet, to poison.
This work-in-progress, crafted from recycled industrial materials, examines issues of survival and juxtaposition in the ecological, political and psychological environments.

…she showed an elegiacally beautiful work-in-progress called Le Recueillement… Among the components of this installation were small plaster-cast wings that recalled but were fragmentarily abstracted from the plaster figurines that were an integral part of women’s “china cabinets”.  The use to which these wings were put in the installation however went far beyond the significations of kitsch sentimentality usually associated with such figurines, into the uneasy zones of loss and contemporary warfare.”
Douglas Ord, author, arts writer